Supreme Features

Remote mobile/web
access control

Digital directory
(Mobile intercom)

Virtual keys

Key usage

Door Status (open/close)

Access logs


The Smart Access App allows users to

    • Use their smart device instead of an access card
    • Access multiple sites with one device
    • Trigger door to open from long-range walking distance
    • Issue virtual keys to visitors and receive usage alerts
    • Receive intercom-style calls and remotely buzz visitors in

Smart Access

  • SmartAccess360 controller controls the door strike and detects user proximity using Bluetooth® while verifying a user’s identity through the cloud. Universal Controller can be deployed in residential and commercial buildings such as office spaces, co-working spaces, hotels, warehouses, student residences, luxury high-rises and malls.
  • The plug and play controller is perfect for vendor agnostic integration with a plethora of electric strikes, and complies with common data formats found in smart building ecosystems.

” Smart control on your fingertips ”

If you need a smartphone app that will enable you secure and smart control of your home or workplace lock, which is also user friendly and on your fingertips, Smart Access is the first choice